• International conference papers
  1. T. Hirao, A. Ihara, and K.-i. Matsumoto, “Pilot study of collective decision-making in the code review process,” in Proceedings of the Center for Advanced Studies on Collaborative Research (CASCON’15), 2015. click

  2. T. Hirao,A. Ihara,P. Phannachitta,K. Matsumoto, “ The Impact of a Low Level of Agreement among Reviewers in a Code Review Process”, The 12th International Conference on Open Source Systems (OSS2016), 2016. click

  • Domestic conference papers
  1. 平尾俊貴, 伊原彰紀, 松本健一, “コードレビュープロセスに基づくパッチ再投稿の予測“, ソフトウェアエンジニアリングシンポジウム(SES’15), 2015. click